Tolhuis Bistro & Farm Stall

The Republic of Roosterkoek

While driving through Mitchell’s Pass, make sure you stop over at the Tolhuis Bistro & Farm Stall, without doubt the coziest place with
the best roosterkoeke & mountain views in this corner of the Boland. And if, like owners Reint and Karien Grobler, you swear by the wise words of
Mahatma Ghandi, “there is more to life than increasing its speed,” you can prepare yourself for a mouthwatering ”kuier” that
will keep you coming back for more.

a little history

Its inaccessibility initially hampered the Bokkeveld’s progress. The first farmers carried their necessities by pack animal through the kloof along the river. From the waterfall it had to be carried over the mountain. Wagons later reached Ceres via a detour of some 150 km over the Hex River Pass.

From 1846 to 1848 Andrew Geddes Bain built a new road – a masterpiece for those days – at a cost of 21 000 pounds. Small streams were forded with solid dry masonry and living rock was hollowed out of the mountain slope. The pass was named after Col. C Michell, Surveyor- General of the colony for 20 years.

Goods were brought from Ceres Station (now Wolseley) over the Michell’s Pass. A toll house was later built on the pass, and the following tolls were levied: 3d per wheel of four-wheeled vehicles without remschoens; 2d per wheel of other vehicles; 1d per pack animal; ½d each for sheep, goats or pigs, and 2d each for all other animals.

The old toll house and parts of Bain’s original stone retaining walls were preserved for posterity so that future generations can acknowledge Bain’s engineering genius.

They began to rebuild the pass in August 1988, and completed it four years later at a cost of R42 million.

Tolhuis restaurant

Story food and food stories is what you can expect when entering Tolhuis Bistro, nestled between old oak trees in the heart of Michell’s Pass. Welcome to the Republic of Roosterkoek, where we serve traditionale South African dishes with a quirky (and sometimes politically incorrect) twist.

Former journalists Reint and Karien Grobler have been at it for 9 years now and the political shananigans of our current leaders will surely have you chuckle when ordering anything from chicken-mushroom pie, curried tripe and trotters, Irish beef pie or any of our now-famous filled and topped roosterkoeke.

Come on over and stay as long as you like. We have loads of food, cool shady trees for summer and a cosy fireplace in winter!

The Farm Stall

In addition to the Tolhuis Bistro, on the premises you will also get to explore and lose yourself in the small Farm Stall. Although only open on weekends, this is where you get a local taste of a variety of items from fresh seasonal fruit, gifts, preserve, children’s clothing to local hand-made arts and crafts.

The old Tol House, now better known as the Tolhuis Bistro & Farm Stall or the Rupublic of Roosterkoek, is definitely a stop not to be missed.

You have not encountered friendly service and relaxation until you have been here.

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Mitchell’s Pass

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